Take one chilled out hippie guitarist with a love of psychadelic ambience, add in one classically trained singer with a penchant for German heavy metal and lock them in the local Catholic chaplaincy with nothing but a laptop and a bottle of cheap whiskey, and what do you get?  

One might look at the members of this unlikely duo and see a disaster waiting to happen. And to be fair, there is a certain apocalyptic brilliance to Bergen St's unique sound. Stewart Griffin and Jen Graham had previously worked together in the now-defunct prog metal band "White Claudia", as well as a brief stint gigging and busking together under the name "The Red Crayon Aristocrats", before Bergen St was finally born. 

"Please, God.

Let me dance again."

~ Prayer for the Crippled Ballerina 

Their debut EP, "The Hallowed Has Always Occupied The Hollow" takes its title from Mark Z Danielewsky's "House Of Leaves" and draws on a rich and complex patchwork of inspiration. There are no love songs to be found on this record, which spans its influence from 19th century feminist literature right the way through to modern webcomics. The record interweaves beautiful and catchy prog melodies, an impeccable sense of dramatic flair and the duo's bleak, sinister sense of irony.  

"And even in those moments where everything is calm

And the world is shimmering through a veil of exhaustion

and salt water,

It would still take them whole."

~ Scream Inside A Vacuum 

Their second EP, "Heartlands," was recorded in the space of six sleep-deprived days up in the Shetland Islands and can almost be interpreted as a concept album. An ambitious project given the short time scale in which it was completed, Griffin's passionate and complex melodical compositions, clever use of samples and occasional forray into experimental time signatures play off against the stark unhappiness of Graham's lyrics and her increasingly desperate and unapologetic vocal performances. The result is a raw and unrepentant,commentary on death, loss, frustration, madness and hope. Oh, and spies. Because no Bergen St record would be complete without a healthy dose of black humour. 

Bergen St are currently working on their third EP, which is untitled as of yet, and is tentatively planned for release in mid-late 2010.  

Name: Stewart Denis Griffin

AKA: "Chewy"

Age: 23

Influences: Phillip Glass, Roger Waters, Simon Posford

Favourite Movies: The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, The Breakfast Club

Favourite Book: House Of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewsky

Favourite Kind of Pizza: Meat Feast

Role Models in Life: Alan Moore, Hunter Thompson, Timothy Leary

Favourite Quote:

"I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly." ~ Winston Churchill

If I Could Be A Superhero, I Would Be: Hippie Man. Stop or I'll....ahhh fuck it. 

Name: Jennifer-Louise Graham

AKA: "Jinx"

Age: 24

Influences: Akira Yamaoka, Thoushaltnot, Rammstein.

Favourite Movies: Jacob's Ladder, Silent Hill, Mulan

Favourite Book: Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Favourite Kind Of Pizza: Cheese and Tomato

Role Models In Life: Sherlock Holmes, Joan of Arc, George Orwell

Favourite Quote:

"The Winter Woman is as wild as a blizzard, as fresh as new snow. While some see her as cold, she has a fiery heart under that ice-queen exterior. She likes the stark simplicity of Japanese art and the daring complexity of Russian literature. She prefers sharp to flowing lines, brooding to pouting, and rock and roll to country and western. Her drink is vodka, her car is German, her analgesic is Advil. The Winter Woman likes her men weak and her coffee strong. She is prone to anaemia, hysteria, and suicide." - Christopher Moore

If I could be a superhero, I would be: Opera Girl. My special powers would be shattering glass and giving people a headache.


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